Industry Specific Products


IFI has been a pioneer in applying Air Pollution Control Techniques in day to day process operations.

A striking example of this pioneering approach is IFI’s Simple & Efficient “Sack Feeding & Dosing system”.

Compact, Sturdy & Ergonomically designed to suit various industrial applications. This unique equipment can be effectively used for dosing of various powders in the food, cosmetic, chemical and dairy industry.

At the heart of IFI’s Dosing system is a custom designed Dust Filter with Cleaning Arrangement, a Fan optimally designed and a Screw Conveyor which feeds the desired quantity of material into the onward system.

  • Powder received in the form of Sack is cut open on the grating & poured into the hopper.
  • Dust generated during pouring of the sack is captured by using a combination of a fan and an integrated dust filter which is equipped with its own cleaning system.
  • The dust captured by the dust filter falls into the hopper below.
  • A custom designed screw conveyor feeds the required quantity of the powder into the onward system at a pre-defined rate.
  • Made in MoC of Stainless Steel – 304 or as per application requirements.
  • Efficient design which captures the smallest of particles from escaping into the surrounding.
  • Helps to keep surrounding clean, prevents wastage of precious & expensive powders.
  • Adjustable feed rate to onward system.
  • The system is rugged, fool proof and durable which enables it to be handled by the operator on the shop floor.
  • Its modular designing ensures that it requires the minimum floor space & can be moved when required.
  • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance.