Air Handling Products

Guillotine Dampers

Guillotines provide a mechanized means of inserting a duct blanking plate and offer superior isolation of flue gas applications containing heavy particulate loads and are ideal for tight shut off applications.

IFI guillotine damper, has the main function of isolation of equipment to permit inspection, maintenance, or repair in addition to process isolation. Occasionally, guillotine dampers are specified for bypass ducts, if operation requirements allow enough time for the slow-moving blade to travel across the opening.

The standard guillotine model is designed forassembly to be performed in such a way that the gate slides vertically. The guillotine damper is made up of a gate whichslides along metal guides, closing the conduitcompletely. The ends are joined to the conduits bymeans of flanges. The guillotine damper isnormally supplied as a single part. The body of the guillotine damper can beinsulated externally depending upon application requirements.

Salient Features
  • Maximum leakage protection can be obtained depending upon sealing design.
  • Good isolation.
  • Low pressure drop across the wide open damper.
  • Short space needed along the duct.
  • Resistance to damage from furnace puffs and mild over pressure incidents.
  • Lower pressure drop than multi-blade louvers.
  • Ability to cut through particulate deposits.
  • Less seal air required for 100% isolation
  • More dependable seal design
  • Fewer moving parts thus less maintenance